Excitus develops medical devices for professional paramedic use.

Focus on users

To improve the chance of saving lives, the paramedic's tools should be designed for paramedics. Rather than standards, in fact.

Investment opportunity in medtech

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Ease of handling

Excitus SDS suction device is designed for easy handling. It is compact in the bag, and accessible in use.

One hand operation

You asked for it. No more hazzle. Pick it up, place the suction tip, and control suction force with your fingertip. Blocked or stuck? Our patented suction controller lets go with a gentle touch of a finger. Adjust suction forces? Again, use it like your battery powered screw driver.


Half the size, half the weight. Still beating the semi-portable suction devices. How can it be? What's the trick? Well, forward thinking and proper engineering is part of the answer. Focusing on need rather than specifications is another. Building a tool for having the action job done has been our priority.

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